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Wednesday, May 20, 2015

Real Life

Boy, oh boy, if I could figure this out, I'd make a bajillion dollars. There are SO MANY PEOPLE on my list of  BLOCK YOU FOR REALZ.

Of course, ex-husbands top the list.  Cause no matter how much time has passed, it seems like at least once a week something happens that reminds me I want to punch each of them right smack dab in the kisser.  Even if it broke my hand.  >:p

Next, bad bosses.  I don't have any grudges against past bad bosses, cause they are history.  Current bad boss:  OH YEAH.  Super duper BLOCK YOU FOR REALZ.

Here's part of the rest of my list:
     The Entitled
     Drama Queens/Kings
     Catfuckers (click this link to find out more)

I am sure I can add more.

Who's on YOUR list?

Whackadoodle-doo, y'all!


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