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Sunday, May 31, 2015

Congratulations, Graduate!

So, tomorrow, my daughter graduates from high school.  Everyone asks me if  I will cry...HELLZ, YEAH, tears of JOY and RELIEF, cause I never thought we'd make it!  My daughter is very smart, but she doesn't give a rat's fat hairy ass what anyone else thinks of her (GOOD FOR HER!), including people who want to grade her on something.  I understand this because I was outraged in junior high that you could actually fail art class.  I was infuriated when my teacher gave me a less-than-satisfactory grade on something I created. And, I kind of had the same melt-down in Lit class when a teacher said someone's interpretation of a poem we were studying was incorrect.  HELLO, people, art is subjective.  All art.  Including music, thank you very much to my mother critic who constantly told me I was playing something wrong on the piano.  If I am in the moment and feeling something a bit differently than it is written, that is my interpretation.

I have done my best to foster her sense of individuality; I don't want her to be like the majority of society. That said, I have also tried to impress upon her the importance of following some of the rules.  You know, the ones that will only cause you incredible difficulty if you don't obey them.  Legal things aside, I mean how to appear to conform without actually conforming.  Unfortunately, I think DNA from her father negates her ability to understand.  One of my greatest heartaches.

I know I have to let her follow her own path.  Watching it all unfold is the heartache.  My friend Sadie said it best when she called this Mommyaches.  Here's a link to her story:


Whackadoodle-doo, y'all!

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