If you're here, you probably already know what I'm talking about.

Wednesday, January 16, 2013


What is "Whackadoodleology"?  Well, most of y'all probably know that -logy = the study of something.  So, simply put, Whackadoodleology is the study of Whackadoodles.

Now, Heaven knows, if I'd had my druthers, I much would have preferred studying something beautiful like art, dance, poetry and the like.  But Life had a different opinion about what it was going to teach me.  And it has drug me through so much Whackadoodle doo-doo that I am surprised I can see the light of day.

But here I am still going strong despite it all.  So, I figure I might as well share what I have learned with all y'all out there.  Cause for a long time, I thought I was the only gal to have so many Whackadoodles in my life.   And probably some of y'all feel the same way.  We gotta talk about this!  And unite!  Whackadoodles are taking over the world and some pretty awesome people are taking the fall.  

So, I'm here to share what I know and hopefully help someone else deal with the sh*t Life has thrown their way.

Whew, that's a load off!

~* (Love and Light)


Whackadoodle-doo, y'all!  Wanda here.  Wanted to tell you a little bit about what's coming up on WTW.  

Right now I'm in Whackadoodle recovery.  Yes, that's right, I've had a run-in with another Whackadoodle.  And it was a doozie, let me tell ya.  Still shaking my head over this one.  Can you hear my brain rattling? (click the word "rattling").  Drug my kids through some Whackadoodle doo-doo, too.  Dammit.  Wondering how these Whackadoodles keep getting through my force field.

As if that weren't enough, an ex-Whackadoodle started texting me today out of the blue.  You see, Whackadoodles abhor a vacuum and they can sense when you're in between Whackadoodles.  Never fails.

Anywho,  lots to tell y'all.  Lots and lots.

Keep an eye out for upcoming video posts and special guests.

Can't wait, y'all!

~* (Love and light)

Friday, January 11, 2013

Who I am and Why We're Here

Whackadoodle-doo, y'all!  

I'm Wanda The Whackadoodleologist and I'm here to talk to y'all about Whackadoodles.
What are they?  Where do they come from?  How do you spot them?  What do you do if you're tangled up with one?

These topics and more we'll explore together.  Hopefully, since my entire life has revolved around Whackadoodles, I'll be able to shed some light on the subject.  And if not, well, at least we'll all have a good time!

~* (Love and Light)