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Monday, March 18, 2013

♪♫ Gypsies, Trash and Freaks ♫♪

Whackadoodle-doo, y'all!  

So far I've mostly only talked about my personal Whackadoodles.  But I have recently discovered about a bajillion of them living inside my television.  At least, I hope to Pete that's where they are, cause if these are real people living in the real world, we are all in a heap of trouble.

What do you think is more distressing:  that people carry on like this?  that they want the world to SEE them carry on like this?  that TV is showing us all this crap?  or that obviously enough people are watching to keep this stuff coming?

Now I'm sure most of us have had a crazy aunt or uncle in the family, but where I come from, you sure as hell don't parade them out for everyone to see.  Bad enough that there might be a rumor or two goin' around about 'em.  God help us all if they happened to get out of their Whackadoodle closet.  Somebody might have to move out of town or somethin'.

I will admit, once you start watching, it is almost impossible to turn it off.  Some of the things that happen on these shows make my jaw drop.  There are some of them I have only watched for about five minutes because of the "Ewwww" factor.   I just pray that most of the avid fans are not watching so as to copy cat these behaviors.  

What is the world comin' to?!


From TLC'S Gypsy Sisters.  I knew people like this growing up but they
never put on airs and called themselves "gypsies."

Gypsy wedding dress


From TLC's "Hoarders".  I have no words for this.  Except that Whackadoodle #1 came close to making us live like this.

Trina enjoys relaxing during coffee enemas. She often reads, emails or naps.
From TLC's "My Strange Addiction"

Chad and his boyfriend Mito organize the mannequins in the new apartment
From TLC's "My Crazy Obsession."  One night these mannequins will come to life and
scare the sh*t out of these dudes.