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Wednesday, May 13, 2015


I thought boyfriends/ex-husbands were whackadoodles. They got nothing on your live-in aging parent.  Having my dad around all the time is causing some serious flashbacks to the glory days of EH1 and EH2 (ExHusband 1 & 2).

The phrase, "get it your damned self" keeps running through my brain.  And also "a little please and thank you never hurt anybody."  Is my Pops just old-school misogynistic, or is it the Parkinson's?  I think a little of both.  If I ask (TELL) him to do something, he is happy to do it.  It just rarely occurs to him to take the initiative on ANY thing, except chasing the big P (WOMEN).

Now, I do consider myself a great caretaker.  I have been taking care of other folks since I can remember. And it brings me a certain amount of joy to do all those little things.  Except that those little things are always taken for granted and then expected.  And then you get resentful.  And the sneaky hate spiral (click that link for some more fun) begins.  Which usually ends with me drinking some vodka and crying myself to sleep.

Trying to see this as a blessing.  If I didn't have y'all to talk to, I don't know what I'd do!

Whackadoodle-doo to the max, y'all!


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