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Tuesday, July 7, 2015

Flingers of Poo

Ever get a truly nasty communication from someone you condsidered (and who claimed to be) your best friend?  I mean, an email that started off with, "First of all, Fuck you."  Followed by pages and pages of putrid verbal vilification,

Obviously, this kind of attack is nothing less than incendiary and solves absolutely nothing.  However, I consider it a gift from the Universe.  Totally.  Because no matter how angry I am at a friend, I would never say the big FU to them unless I was ready for that relationship to be O.V.E.R.  Not saying I have never been guilty of letting my anger direct a communication.  But I rarely go for the jugular and sling all kinds of character assassinations at people.

In this particular instance, a true friend told me that this person seems to be speaking from a perspective of guilt and is projecting a bunch of their own psychoses onto me.  Whatever.  Guess what?  I do not have to allow it.

Still wading through the Whackadoodles, y'all.


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