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Sunday, September 7, 2014

The Hydra

Seriously, Whackadoodle-hydra, can you please stop now?  If you are unfamiliar, click the highlighted word "hydra"; basically, they are something like this:  

For every head you cut off, two more grow in its place.  Unstoppable.  Unbelievable.  Truly.  The dude actually called ME a hydra...not sure why....maybe it has something to do with PROJECTING. 

It has been 21 months since I invited this whackadoodle to leave my life.  And..he..still...texts.  Now, I know I could block his number (thank you Apple), but then I wouldn't be quite able to monitor the level of crazy.  I am just simply stunned.

At the fact that he still texts and the absurdity of the subject matter and that his purpose is completely beyond me.  That's right, I, Wanda, am puzzled by this Whackadoodle.  Just when I thought I had them pegged.  

One day it will be song lyrics; the next, some horrific insult (as if his opinion of me mattered in the slightest).  His most recent missive was some crap about  how he could cook an over-easy egg better than I can......even though he later said he was cooking egg whites...and why in the holy hell do I care??!  "Oh, wait, that changes EVERYTHING. I want you back"....is that what he is hoping for??  

Now, I know that I am super wonderful and all, but I don't think I really scar people.  They do that all by themselves.  It must be dreadful to be told by Heaven to leave.  ;)  

Love and light, y'all!

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